What is FaceToned®?

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FaceToned® Foundation Programme

FaceToned® is a new way to look at your face, from a fitness angle; which some people can feel a little self conscious at the beginning of the programme, but just relax and enjoy the freedom and have fun with the workouts. FaceToned®’s results will make it worth while.

FaceToned® does not require preparation time or fancy clothes & trainers … you can work out with just yourself.

Once you have learned the techniques, you can do it at home, in the car or on the train – EVERY DAY COUNTS to achieve the best results


Designed to set a firm foundation to achieve a toned and fit face


Prevent sagging of your facial muscles


Achieve a natural and organic facelift


Technique uses Pilates principles by using:

  • Resistance training on your face
  • Isometric and isotonic workouts
  • Deep core workouts


The program can be done anywhere, anytime and by anyone at any age


NOT A Facial or a Massage, FaceToned® is a WORKOUT!

  • NO lasers
  • NO chemicals
  • NO gimmicks

What does it include?

FaceToned® Foundation facial exercises are divided into four sets:

Neck & Chin


Eyes & Forehead

Advanced exercises

Each set of exercises has:

A 15 – minute Tutorial to learn the technique
10 – minute workout to train your muscles to the rhythm of the music
A personalised Weekly Planner with additional workouts to create your unique routine

Weekly Planner with additional workouts to create your unique routine

To support you to achieve the best results, FaceToned® includes:

FACE-TO-FACE - Webinars can be streamed live and on demand

FOOD RECIPES – You are what you eat! It is important to support your body with nutrients to help the renewal system for your muscles and skin, and to balance the hormonal changes which occur over time